Saturday, October 31, 2009

And I Ran...

I ran so far away...

Ok, not far away, just a couple miles around the neighborhood but it sure felt good! I'm getting faster (even after my running hiatus) and that makes me eager to run some more. Ahhh, running: the self-rewarding sport.

So yesterday I geared up for a run on a normal Ohio fall day and walked out my front door only to confront warm sunniness. I guess I wasn't thinking about the actual temperature as I started my run, because about 5 minutes in I realized it was frickin' hot outside. My running t-shirt was plastered to my back and my black capris were soaking in the sun's rays -- IT WAS HOT. Hell, I don't think I truly understood what was going on until I got back home, took a shower, stepped out of the shower and was still sweating. Finally I gave in and checked the internets - it was 71 degrees. SEVENTY-ONE DEGREES. This is Ohio, it is the end of October!! WTF!?!? Part of me still has a hard time comprehending what happened yesterday...

The lesson learned, if you live in Ohio - always check the weather before you leave for a run. Other lesson learned, excuses are indeed lame (thanks for the reminder Carolina John) and I do just need to hit the pavement.

Oh yes, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all out there who celebrate!


  1. i'm always here to harass and poke fun. glad you got a good run in.

  2. Good job getting out there. The random heat waves in Ohio are fun. Keep at it. Cheers!