Friday, July 2, 2010

New Slang

It's beautiful out there today, and I might add, it was a lovely day for a short run. With some perfect tunes I geared up (somewhat reluctantly) and hit the pavement in my neighborhood. My training went from awesome to non-existent last week. But this week I was hell bent on getting back out there. So far - eh, kinda good.

I got out there Tuesday with Dobson. I took him to Sand Run- that was interesting. The hills of Sand Run are usually enough to get me down within my first mile, but when you have a 70 pound ball of fur on the end of a rope zig-zagging you around the trail you don't notice the hills so much. I still don't exactly know how the run went, it was sporadic, crazy and consisted of lots of "good boy's" and "watch me's!"

I was supposed to run a recovery on on Wednesday. That didn't happen. I did it today. (So much for recovery.) I plan on picking up and not missing any miles for the week, but that means back to back days of running, something my body is not used to. Regardless, I need to get back on track. I got myself into this pickle...

The long weekend ahead thus far looks to be packed full of bbq's, family, friends, running, biking and hopefully - relaxing poolside. - Thank god our Founding Fathers didn't decide to declare independence in winter