Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Ouch, my ass hurts."

So, where have I been? Working 2 1/2 jobs. I am still teaching two art history courses, but I recently have been hired by the US Census Bureau as an enumerator. To add to that hot mess, I just recently did some intensive interviewing for an office manager/reception position. I got the job, wooohooo, and that starts full time on Friday. So, needless to say between teaching, enumerating (gotta love the gov't - why can't they just say "counting?") and interviewing, things have been kinda nuts.

But this weekend I finally managed to get a run in - and for some crazy reason I thought trail running sounded like a good idea. The Viper, Martini and I hit up O'Neil woods on Sunday.

Now, I have to preface all of this by admitting that I got my woods/trails mixed up. There are so many different woods and trails in our area, I honestly though we were going to a trail that I had hiked before -- I was wrong. It wasn't until The Viper informed me that we were driving with Martini, since he didn't know where the trail was, that I realized, "Oh shit - I've never been to this trail before." And about a half a second after that realization The Viper continues to inform me that "Martini says this trail is really hilly." If Martini thinks it's hard - then damn - I'm screwed. This is the guy who actually places in races and stuff. I was already worried about slowing the boys down, but now it was inevitable. But being quick on my toes, I decided that Dobson would want to come. I could blame my ridiculous pace on the dog! :-D

We got out there, Martini lights years ahead, and The Viper, Dobson and I began to run. I like the feel of the dirt under my shoes, so much nicer than pavement. The trail seemed nice enough at first, then - THE STAIRS. You try holding onto an eager 60 lb puppy while running down a seeming never ending series of staircases. I did not like this portion of the trail - running down stairs sucks. But then things leveled out, the scenery was nice with a babbling brook to boot. I had to seriously pace myself and walk when I needed to, but I was determined not to flake out, I had to really try. Going back uphill was a bitch. The hills were steep and at times gravity really pissed me off, but I ran up every hill (though the last being so steep you're practically forced to walk near the summit.)

I did one loop, was grateful for The Viper and his encouraging words. After some much needed hydration I sat in the grass with the Dob and relaxed. After another loop with Martini, The Viper joined me in the cool grass. We waited for Martini.

I felt good about myself, I got out there and really worked hard. The entire car ride home was I was reveling in my accomplishment until I started feeling twinges of pain near my ass. Odd, I thought. I got out of the car once home and the first words out of my mouth, "Ouch, my ass hurts!"

Today, the ass not so much, but my calves sure are screaming.