Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Best Plan is no Plan

I totally set myself up for a whole lotta nothing. Last blog I waxed and waned about wanting to increase mileage in this cool Ohio fall weather - HA!! I don't know when I ran last. It seems since the root canal I've been hit with a barrage of health issues and lame excuses that have kept me off the trails. It looks like tomorrow might be my chance to get out there. I don't know how far I'll go, hell I don't know what my body can handle right now. (You know those Mucinex commercials with the mucus partying in some human organ? Well that party is happening right here baby.) And the craziest part - my inspiration to get back out there came in the form of perusing the web for new running gear today. Oh, retail therapy -- somehow it always works.


  1. excuses are for wimps. get out there and run! actually biking might be better before it gets too cold. have a great weekend girl!

  2. Just get out there and trudge along. Sometimes you just need to get a run out of the way before you get on your way. Cheers!