Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm Awesome

I haven't been running that much. Here and there a mile or two, but that's it. The most I have ever ran is 4 miles and I've done it a few times. This past week I've been stressing out over real life issues. Part-time professorhood depends on courses filling up and I have been shamelessly selling my classes to students as of late. With the holidays fast approaching I've been out shopping (trying to be one of the early shoppers this year) and lamenting the minuscule size of my pocketbook. I still have to finish my master's thesis, and let me tell you- those things don't write themselves! I stress easily and sometimes the thought of getting a run in puts me damn near the edge of a breakdown.

So, at this point you're probably wondering how I have managed to stay sane as it takes very little to pull me down into the depths of craziness. Well, I will tell you: I have these moments of pure resolve. I go into a cave of thoughts (quite literally I don't respond to the outside world) and I find my resolve to, erm, GET SHIT DONE. Well I had one of my cave moments this weekend. I spent all of Friday and Saturday in my mind cave, much to the dismay of the people who interact with me on a daily basis. I came out of the cave on Sunday when I went for my run.

I geared up for a nice Ohio fall day, high near 67 and mostly sunny. Perfect for a run really. I went down to my beloved towpath and thought to myself "You need a challenge missy!" So I ran past the first mile marker, then the second, and then... I KEPT GOING! I thought to myself I could turn around at 3, run back 2 and walk the last as a cool down. And - I did it. I don't run fast and I don't run far, but yesterday I ran 5 miles in 1:00.44. A 12 minute mile pace works for me and lord have mercy, did it ever feel good. (But let's just say, now I know about chafing.) Right at the fifth mile when my body was screaming at me Viper (I have such a hard time calling him that, but yes- a person from my real life) came up behind me with some words of encouragement. He volunteered to finish with me, but he had his Brooks T6 Racers on, and when he does that you know he means business. I told him to go ahead, besides - I truly felt like this needed to be between me and the towpath.

Needless to say I've been out of my mind cave since then and come to a few conclusions about real life and running.

1) I need to run to keep me sane, so I can't dread getting out there or I'll go insane!
2) I need lasik surgery, running in glasses sucks (I can't wear contacts)
3) I need to get back into my yoga practice... it helps keep me sane, too.
4) It's good to have people in your life to help you celebrate your small victories (thanks Viper!)
5) My thesis won't write itself, so people who read this - harass me shamelessly to get it done :-)
6) I ran 5 miles yesterday for the first time, I am awesome.


  1. Congrats on breaking another mile barrier. Every mile is a big accomplishment. You'll be posting double digits in no time. Cheers!

  2. You are indeed awesome. I loved when I first took up running and kept reaching and surpassing those mileage milestones. Kept me motivated and my spirits up for a long time.

    I too understand thesis writing hell. It can be done though. Just tackle a bit of it each day and soon it'll be finished. At least that's what everyone keeps telling me. :) Good luck!

  3. I'm not sure what scares me more; your chafing or your intimate knowledge of viper. Normally he's the one doing the chafing.

    Good job getting a solid 5 in! With that kind of progress, you'll be knocking down milestones like they were beers.

    Good luck on the thesis. i'm no help there. But i'll be glad to hurl humorous insults in your direction if it will motivate you.

  4. Nice work challenging yourself while out on your run -- and especially for overcoming the dread that sets in after missing a few runs. A big accomplishment on both fronts!