Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Kicks = Sore Legs

My enthusiasm for running has increased, so much so that I spent all day Saturday searching for a new pair of running shoes. My old shoes (rest their soles -HA, get it?!) weren't handling the increase in my mileage very well. In fact they were letting me down, more specifically - letting my arches down. They were a simple pair of neutral cushioned Nike running shoes I bought at Kohl's on sale a couple of years ago. They have served me well in my running infancy and have gotten me through two 5k's. But, I knew after the hellacious arch pain I was experiencing that I needed a shoe with more arch support. So, off I went to Aurora Farms! I tried on a few pairs of shoes of various brands, got super pissy with the one shoe salesmen when he wouldn't let me go outside for a quick jaunt, I take it he was not a running enthusiast, definitely not a runner. So finally I decided to do things right and head to Second Sole. Luckily, a friend of mine was working (so I knew I wouldn't get hosed) and I got to business trying on fancy running shoes with good arch support. I ran around the store and outside feeling super cool and finally decided on these beauties:

The Asics GT 2150's! I put them on and they fit like a fancy pair of Italian calfskin driving gloves! Needless to say, after dropping a Benjamin on running shoes I have felt compelled to use them, and so I have.

I have done a few miles here and there, did my first back to back days of running, and needless to say now my legs are very sore. They pain is worth it though, I look at my shoes daily with admiration and have even decided to give them names: Greta and Gerta. I feel if my shoes are in fact two stern German ladies, I'll run harder, faster and further. Makes sense, right?


  1. Yiasou! In the interests of full disclosure, I'm only half Greek, but since my dad was the one that emigrated from Greece I feel that ups my street cred a little. ;)

    Liking the kicks! I wear the older model--the 2130s. I'll have to give the 2150s a shot when it's time for me to retire my current pair.

    Way to go racking up those miles! Keep up the great work.

  2. Maybe when you're done running, Greta and Gerta will whip you up some recovery spaetzle. Cheers!

  3. new kicks always make you feel better. it's amazing how much those guys can tell just from watching me walk. but when they pick out the right shoe with the right support, it's always better than what i expected.

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