Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Murderers, Rapists and Ribena

As you all may be aware, my training has been going pretty darn well. I've had to slide some training days around to accommodate my schedule, but I'm getting the miles in and that's the most important part.

What you are not aware of is what happened this past Saturday on the towpath. Viper explains "Saturday night was a seven-miler at race pace (8:54 pace) with the Enthusiast biking." What he does not explain, is well - the whole story.

We left late to get in our respective runs/cross training. I had pooped out on a run earlier in the week and was committed to getting in the mile I lost in a not-so-awesome attempt at running mid-day. (Damn humid Ohio summers.) The plan was simple: Viper would run my first half mile with me, I would turn back to finish my full mile, jump on my bike and catch up to the Vip. As all of this was happening the sun was slowly setting. Picturesque, JMW Turner-like, right? Wrong.

After I got my bike off the car and make a quick pit stop at the latrine (smelly!) I began at a nice steady pace on the bike to meet up with my man. The sun was sinking over the corn fields of Szalay's and then - BOOM. DARKNESS. I could hear birds, feel the crushed limestone under my wheels but I COULD NOT SEE A DAMN THING. The backlight on my bike computer pooped out at some point while in storage (read: sitting in the exposed shed all winter) and I had no idea what time it was, how far I had gone or how long I had been on my bike. I began to panic. Where was Viper? I mean the woods is where all the murderers and rapists hang out. I could be dashing right past his dismembered body and not even know it. I tried to do the math of where we would meet on the path in my head but sheer panic is not conducive to figuring out math in my simple artsy head. I was surrounded by blackness and I had, honest to God, never been so afraid in my whole life. I just kept peddling faster and faster, when I would feel a twinge in my leg I would down shift my gears. I was freaked and flying on the bike.

Now, I know some of you must be thinking, "C'mon lady, it's not that scary in the park at night." And for some of you, I'm sure it's not. But I grew up fearing the park, trails and wilderness at nighttime. My mother always warned be about those murderers and rapists. But the scariest part of all was not knowing where Viper was, he was on foot and my skewed math had told me I should have met up with him long before I actually did...

Panic. Panic was consuming all of my thoughts. I think I might have actually been whimpering at one point. Then finally, finally - I found Viper. He was alive - and well. I was so relieved to see him I just lost it right then and there on my bike. We rode/ran back at a nice pace but admittedly even with the Vip there, I was still quite relieved to finally see the turn off for our trail head.

In the end I learned a few very important lessons on Saturday night.
1) I'm a big wimp when it comes to being in the dark.
2) Never go running/biking in the park when it's dark again.
3) Stop watching CSI, Unsolved Mysteries, Cold Case Files, Forensic Files, etc...


Yesterday I did my long run. My legs were still sore from my biking frenzy on Saturday night so my coach came with me for the much needed encouragement. I did four miles with a route that introduced me to The Bastard Garman Hill. I killed the hill. Seriously. And Viper, he was always a step or two behind as I climbed to my glory. I know he could have vaporized me on that hill, but he didn't. Now that my friends - that's love.

And finally - Ribena. Much thanks to Xenia for sending me the BEST care package ever. I mellowed out last night with my Ribena, but not before sharing with Dobson. :-D


  1. The schmoop-o-meter is reading pretty high. You did a great job out there. Just as long as you know I could have left you in the dust ... ha!

  2. The murders and rapists only hang out in cabins in the woods. as long as you didn't see any cabins you were ok. and yes, you should stop watching csi. just because it sucks, not for any type of influencial reason.

  3. You are most welcome. Glad Dobson got to share in the fun as well.