Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Doin' It

Well folks, I'm doing it.

My training is going really well, the running is getting a tad easier and I'm actually kinda sorta for reals enjoying it.

I'm still having issues finding the best way to cover my bottom half. I am pear shaped and I cannot wear running shorts unless I want them to ride up my crotch the whole time. My New Balance Bonita Run Skirt has seriously been a life saver, as it covers my ass wonderfully. The only downer, I need to wear capri tights under it, or else the shorts underneath ride up. The issue: it's HOT in Ohio right now, and super humid. My goal: A pair of running tight shorts, knee length or so, to wear under the skirt. (Could this get any more complicated?) I'm a girlie girl, I like skirts and cute tank tops and bright colors - can I help it if I want to look super cute when I'm out there sweating my ass off? ;-)

In other news, the job is settling down which means I need to get my ass in gear prepping for next semester. I'm teaching a new course in the fall and have yet to get that ball rolling. Now that I've literally got my ass in gear I need figuratively shift it into an art history gear, and fast.

Oh yeah, and that thesis thing. Need to finish that. Right.


  1. You're doing a great job. Finding the right mix of decent gear is but a small challenge. Unfortunately, it can involve a fair amount of trial and error.

  2. Nice job on the training...I am just getting into gear too.

    I have the same problem with shorts/skirts. I usually just scare the world with compression shorts.

  3. Great job getting it done girly!

    I have seen some decent Nike gear lately that might work for you. Good luck trying to find "the one" I know I searched for ever before I found a pair of shorts I liked!

  4. I have a similar issue so I end up wearing yoga pants and roll up the legs to make them shorts. I look like hell, but at least I haven't busted my bank account.

    New class prep is a total time-suck. Good luck!