Sunday, June 6, 2010

Inner Monologue

A trip into my head during a run... it's not too scary, I promise.
(For those readers in foreign lands that can't access youtube links, this is No Doubt's In My Head, from their Rocksteady album.)

"Damn, It's already 7:00 pm and I have to run 3 miles today.
The Viper will get all bad ass coach on me if I don't get my run in before he gets home from the banjo jam.
Oh, I'll wear my new capris. I hope they don't suck.
I wonder if all girls have as many issues as I do finding running shorts/skirts/capri's that work?
I have such wide hips it's ridiculous.
I lost 2.2 pounds at my weigh in this week, so that's good.
But I gained 1.8 the week before, so really I only lost .4 - hell, that's still good. It's something.
Will I get faster as I get slimmer?
I hope I do at least a bit.

Out the door. I usually feel more motivated once I get going.
I'm going.
I'm not motivated.
Damn, my right ankle is twitching funny.
Will I have to stop? (That would be kinda nice though, not having to do this today...)
But no, the ankle is fine - just adjusting.

Shit. These capris SUCK.
Holy wedgie and camel toe.

Dammit, I have to run down Merriman like this.
All the rich people will point and laugh at my massive wedgie issue from their gigantic home windows.
They'll think to themselves 'Poor girl, she can't afford a trainer, personal chef and liposuction.'
They'll pity me.

I can't wait to turn down a side street.
Thank you God, side street is here.
Why is this run so hard today? This whole week has been hard.
My coach has worked me.

Tuesday I ran, Thursday I ran and did strength, Saturday I biked for 30 minutes.
The bike ride was tough. Been since September or so since I've been on the bike.
My ass hurt and my thighs burned.

No wonder my legs feel like lead.
I haven't been this active since I trained for my first 5k in Nov of 2008.
I was so motivated then. I remember the first time I ran over 2 miles, I was on vacation with Viper in Cooperstown, NY.
I ran along Lake Otsego.
Damn, I could go for some Cooley's wings.
That was such a beautiful morning, the sun rising over the lake, smoke on the water, rolling hills - it was marvelous and I was so excited.

I need that kind of enthusiasm again.
This is hard.
Running is hard for me.
When will it get easier?
Will it get easier?
I've taken so many walk breaks this is crazy.
I suck.
No, you don't suck. You're out here - that's all that matters.

That was close, I honestly didn't know if that was burp or barf coming up.

Lame, only 2.5 miles in and I almost yack.
Quit getting down on yourself! This is your first week of training in forever!

Almost home.
Just dig deep, finish strong.
Damn, is it 'walk your family down the street day' in our neighborhood.
Stupid wedgie pants.

Oh well.
Home is in sight.
Kick it in.

That felt good."


  1. Congrats on accomplishing your goal!

    I have capris. I feel the same about how they fit. I usually wear men's basketball shorts with pockets.

  2. Week 1 down, 16 more to go! Sometimes you have to fight those runs. Great job!

  3. Those runs are inevitable and they are the runs that make you stronger!

    Great job getting 'er done!

  4. P.S. Congrats on the weight loss!

  5. The Mrs got this skort recently and finds it comfy and tres fashionable:

    I think she got it from sierra trading post.

    Also, check ebay.

    It gets easier.

  6. Well done! I have variations of these thoughts during my runs as well. Especially concerning wedgies. I'm perpetually plagued with them.

    Thanks for the video description. Luckily I was actually able to view this one.

    Keep it up--you're doing great!