Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Not Dead

I'm not dead. I'm just writing. The thesis goes to the advisor and readers tomorrow.

The Viper has bribed me with jewelry, haircuts and trips to to get this thing done. What a wonderful boyfriend.

I don't know what running is, I don't know what exercise is. I only know things Byzantine, liturgical, "provincial" and to the general public, simply all things boring.

I'll be back. Soon - I hope. But not before some serious boozing.

Wish me luck because I know I'll need it.


  1. Good luck / congrats depending on when you read this! Celebrate as much as your liver will allow. You've definitely earned it. :)

  2. Byzantines, boring?! Regale the philistines with the story of the overthrow and death of Andronicus I Comnenus (a mangy camel is involved). It's sure to capture their attention.

  3. Congrats! Good luck with your thesis defense. Still remember a prof on my committee asking about proper research methodology. After a complete BS response from me, he took a deep breath and barked "NO! The proper way to conduct research is to pick the conclusion you prefer and then find the evidence to support it." That, alas, runs much closer to the truth than anyone would like to admit.