Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Day in the Life

Running? No...
Relaxing? Yes..
... and the puppy too!...
Thesis? Necessary Evil...
Dinner? Chili anyone?!
The kicks for the next few weeks? Not so much these...
as these!

It's February in Akron. Since running just isn't going to happen I have decided that I must commit myself to winter sporting of some sort. The options:

Ice Skating
Downhill Skiing
Cross Country Skiing
Snow Shoeing
Chasing puppy at dog park

I tried downhill skiing once, in Austria (where the Alps are.) I don't think I'll be hitting up our local ski resorts, let's just say the Alps left a lasting impression. I will consider ice skating though, could be fun - right? The cross country skiing and the snow shoeing, I'd like to give both a go; they seem strenuous but enjoyable. As for the hiking - of course! Too many great trails not to try. And the puppy chasing, well that's a given.

Reports to follow. The scale has informed me it's time to get moving again. :-)


  1. If you're going to be snowed in at least you are doing it right! We have the same running kicks! Love em! Have fun winter sports'ing it up! :)

  2. get a move on girl! ice skating. that's good cross training, moves and works different muscles than your running.