Friday, March 12, 2010

I Have a Plan

I bought a new pair of sunglasses yesterday, spring must be on its way!

I finally feel as though I am emerging from my dark hole of Byzantine hell and I'm getting the itch to be active again. Wooohooo! Dobson has gotten more walks in the last two days than he has in the last few weeks combined, and when I see the runners and bikers speeding past I have the urge to be out there like them. This is monumental as up until now my only urges have been for McDonald's, shopping and redecorating.

With this renewed spirit for outdoor activity I have devised a plan, kind of. I have desperately missed my bike, so I was thinking to get back into shape I would do nice short bricks on the towpath. I figure the first time back out, I'll take it super easy - 4 on the bike then run 2. This isn't based on any method or Runner's World article, it just seems like something I would enjoy and something that won't kick my ass. I don't want to feel discouraged the first time back in the saddle. Then I'll up the miles from there!

The ultimate goal: The Jim Klett Memorial 10K. It's not until June 19th, so I have plenty of time to get my ass into gear. I will devise a plan at some point and keep all posted on my progress!

It feels good to have a running goal again! (Let's just see how good I feel 20 minutes into my first long run :-P )


  1. Utterly doable. Let's get out there and enjoy this weather.

  2. Yay for finding your way out of the black hole! I'm still currently in my Roman one. It's freaking dark in here. No light until December, I'm told. Boo.

    In answer to your question--academically, I write the British way since my diss readers are Brits. So lots of 'harbour', 'aluminium' and 'centre', but I'm still too stubborn to drop 'ize' in favo(u)r of 'ise'. :)

  3. Will be following your journey to the 10K in June. BTW, yours is one of the prettiest blogs I've ever seen:)

  4. Spring here has just made me want a dog. On the few sunny days so far, there is a cute dog every 10 feet!