Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ready to Go

This past week has been a monumental FAIL as far as scheduled runs are concerned. Last week I was hit by a string of seeming never ending colds, and just when I was feeling better the weather decided to snot all over me. I will run in snow, sure- why not? It's nice white fluffy stuff that Viper swears will make me stronger in the long run. But Ohio, being Ohio, decided that it was tired of snow, so the skies opened and gave us freezing rain. This delightful rain left a nice coating of ice on everything. I will not run on ice, I'm not that hardcore - hell, I'm just not that coordinated.

Alas, the rain/sleet/snow combo has come to an end, the skies are shining and it's a nice 7 degrees this morning. It's not supposed to break 23 degrees today, which means the ice will likely remain in most places. After work today Viper and I will hit the pavement (that will no doubt be under an inch of ice) for some hill work and a short run. I'm seriously looking forward to getting off my ass, my only fear: falling. So all of you out there, please keep your fingers crossed that I stay upright for this run!


  1. I despise ice.
    I will think good thoughts for you!

  2. one foot in front of the other! way to HTFU!

  3. slow down enjoy and repeat as desired

  4. yea, good luck with that. Slow down, be safe, and try not to pull anything.