Friday, February 18, 2011

Rant to Highland Square

Just because I need to rant...

OK people of Highland Square, I get that you have a dog, I have a dog too. I love dogs.

I get that it's cold and snowy in Akron during the winter, and I completely understand how much it sucks to take off your gloves/mittens in order to pick up your dog's poop, BUT - guess what folks...?

That poop you left in the middle of the snowy sidewalk back in January, IT'S STILL THERE TODAY. The snow doesn't make it magically disappear, in fact the snow preserves it - so today while trying enjoy the nice weather with Dobson, I get to see (and attempt to dodge) your dog's month old poop.

Thanks. Thanks a frickn' lot.


  1. and now it is goopy... which is great.

  2. i discovered two piles of poop in our yard on saturday. what the hell?! who the heck's dog is runnin' loose?! i am on the hunt.

  3. I Canada we have magic snow. Maybe they're from Canada. ;)

  4. My neighbor today got the, "Oh I see you don't have a bag for where your dog went. Here, use one of mine."

    I can't stand when people don't pick up after their dogs.

  5. Frozen poop and road kill...these are the treats thawing snow reveals to us.