Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Real Life...

I have been running, seriously. I just haven't been blogging about it. In the real world I am a master's student and a part-time art history professor. It is the end of the semester and I've been crazy busy working on lectures, writing exams, grading exams and the most dreaded of all - grading papers. My thesis needs to get done and it's being sorely neglected. My "I'll work on it tomorrow" logic is staring to bite me in the ass as I see my deadlines fast approaching.

With Christmas break around the corner I am resolved to dedicate part of every day to thesis work. With this said, I wonder if I can find a balance between running and working? I am hoping I can come up with a kick ass schedule that involves running, thesis-ing and yoga-ing. Wish me luck... I'll get working on it tomorrow...


  1. Life is balance.

    I know, totally just blew your mind, right?

    You can do this, but you have to force yourself to take the first step, and then take the next one. Discipline, patience, resolve. You have my support.

  2. the yoga and running help me balance everything else out. check out your approach to those things and see how everything else falls in line.

  3. There's seems to be lots of biting and kicking of asses in the blogosphere recently. Interesting.

    As for balance, just remember it's never easy. Everyone struggles with it and those who seem to not struggle with it are either lying through their teeth or are aliens. Hope that helps. Good luck!