Monday, September 28, 2009

Here I Go...

The decision to blog has not been an easy one; I know others who do it, I have made fun of their blog world, I have even gotten jealous of their blog "friends." But putting aside my prejudices I have decided to unabashedly enter this blogging world. So the next hurdle (now that the pro-blogging stance has been established) : What to blog about? I like lots o' things, from chocolate pudding to Old English Sheepdogs - but hell if I'm going to blog about those. I like to bike, though I'm not a cyclist, and I like to run but I am not a runner. I am a simple trail biking enthusiast and a slow moving, albeit motivated newbie running enthusiast. Call it a side effect of chubby childhood, book worminess and an affinity for things like yoga, manicures, art history and exploring recipe websites that I cannot call myself anything more than an athletic enthusiast.

With this blog I intend to document my life as a new running enthusiast and a biking enthusiast: I will share my struggles, achievements and the numerous funny stories along the way. (Trust me, there will be plenty - I have the propensity to always take myself too seriously or nowhere near seriously enough, the end result is almost always comedic.)

My other interests (ie, good beer, yoga, crocheting, cleaning hardwood floors (more of an obsession), cooking, traveling, being Greek, and art history) will likely seep into my blogs. I warn you readers now: I am a self proclaimed nerd/dork, this will become evident in subsequent blogs.

So yes - here I go!

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  1. Hi, Rosalie! Welcome to the blogosphere. Sounds like you've got a lot of cool (not nerdy) interests. I look forward to reading more.